10 Promising Signs Your Marriage Will Last

Are you wondering if marriage is the thing for you with all the increase in divorces and other terrible happenings in other people’s marriages?

Are you wondering if your marriage will be a lifetime commitment or just another short-term affair to be added to the divorce statistics?

If you have these questions on your mind, you are not the only one.

Several other people have these same questions on their minds.

This doubt can be dealt with by seeing those green flags that can strengthen your bonds.

We are sometimes too focused on searching for red flags that we don’t see the positive signs that we have something good going on for us.

If you are disturbed about how long your marriage will last, this article aims to help you by pointing out those positive signs that depict a long-lasting marriage.

This idea of a successful marriage is getting rarer by the day, but here are some promising signs to look out for in your marriage that signify that your marriage will last.

10 Promising Signs Your Marriage Will Last

1. You trust each other

signs your marriage will last

Trust is one of the most essential factors that ensure a successful marriage.

Without trust between partners, no relationship can survive the challenges and storms ahead.

If you and your partner display a lack of trust for each other through suspicious questions and monitoring each other, it is a sign that the marriage is headed for the rocks.

Marriage should be the union of man and woman to become one…

And if you can’t trust someone you invited to be a part of yourself, your marriage is in trouble.

For instance, if a wife always has a crippling fear that her husband will cheat on her, it means they have a foundational issue on their hands.

It means she doesn’t trust him, and some men will just say, “I might just as well do it.”

This doesn’t justify unfaithfulness, but a lack of trust in marriage shows that the marriage is built on a sandy foundation. 

Guess what? It won’t survive certain conditions. 

However, if both of you trust each other and believe that, regardless of what happens, your trust won’t be betrayed, that’s a positive sign of a marriage that can stand the test of time.

2. Your communication is topnotch

signs your marriage will last

Communication is the bedrock of any successful marriage.

A sign that your marriage will last is that you communicate openly with your partner, expressing your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and needs without hiding any.

The intimacy between you and your partner should be so deep that you don’t even feel the urge to hide anything from each other.

When two people who communicate openly and effectively are married, you will realize that most of the conflicts that occur in marriages are easily resolved in theirs.

This is because conflicts in marriage arise mainly from a breakdown in communication between partners and continue to escalate because of the communication breakdown.

However, when couples can communicate effectively, conflicts are easily resolved, and their bond is strengthened.

Even when they have stormy seasons in their union, effective communication will help them weather the storm.

3. You enjoy spending quality time together

signs your marriage will last

A great sign that your marriage will last is that you love being with your partner and look for opportunities to spend quality time together.

Regardless of your busy schedule, you enjoy being with your partner.

This is very important because some couples love each other but do not like each other.

Another factor in marriage that exposes how much couples like to spend time with themselves is parenting.

I once read a book where the couple seemed very close until all their children left the house for college.

That was when they realized that they had invested years of their lives being parents to their kids and partners on the journey but had lost touch with spending time together.

A promising sign that your marriage will last is that even when the responsibilities become teeming, you keep prioritizing being with each other.

It is also so if you are not just duty-bound but love being in each other’s company.

Picture an aged man and woman strolling in the park as they converse and share jokes.

In years to come, that can be you and your spouse if you start investing in your relationship now.

4. You prioritize each other

It is surprising, but there are a lot of marriages in which couples have gotten their priorities wrong.

When couples have misplaced priorities, there may be a lot of conflicts in the relationship.

Hence, couples must prioritize one another.

You will always have activities to be involved in, work to do, friends and family to hang out with, and, of course, that spare time you need alone.

However, one significant sign that your marriage will last is that you still prioritize your partner above all in the middle of all these.

If you and your partner prioritize each other, I have good news for you.

Your marriage is likely not ending any time soon.

5. You love without limits

signs your marriage will last

Loving your spouse without limits is simply loving them as they are, even with all their imperfections.

When you and your spouse accept and love each other as you are, that’s a good sign your marriage will last.

This involves loving the good, not-so-good, and eccentric parts of each other without reservations.

This is precisely what Christians teach when they quote the scriptures, “Husband, love your wives even as Christ loved the Church.”

This kind of love is meant to be selfless and total.

A kind of love that puts your partner ahead of yourself.

Sharing this kind of love with your partner signifies your marriage will last.

6. You compliment each other.

Compliments are a great way of appreciating your partner in a relationship.

When marriages settle into the comfortable phase, both partners may stop complimenting each other.

An important sign that you have a fantastic marriage is that you don’t stop complimenting each other.

You compliment each other on how kind and caring both of you are.

When you cook a great meal, your partner looks at you with so much adoration in their eyes and appreciates your amazing cooking skills.

Making each other feel appreciated is a sign that you have a fantastic marriage that will last.

7. You speak each other’s love language

signs your marriage will last

Loving your partner without limits is not enough; you need to express this love in a language you can understand.

After all, your partner is not a mind reader.

People have different love languages through which they express their love for their partner and expect to receive the same.

This is why it is important that partners understand each other’s love language and endeavor to express their love in a way that the partner can understand.

Understanding and speaking each other’s love language is key to feeling loved and appreciated in a relationship.

If you and your partner feel loved and appreciated, it is a sign that your marriage will last.

8. You forgive each other

signs your marriage will last

The saying “To err is human, to forgive is divine” doesn’t apply to marriage.

The ability to forgive your partner is a superhuman strength that is applied in every successful marriage.

Conflicts always arise in relationships, but if you and your partner can resolve and forgive each other’s wrongs without bringing them up in the future, it is a sign that your marriage will last.

You’d be surprised that most of the most successful marriages you see have stories of love covering the sins of the partners involved.

There was a couple I used to admire so much in the university; they loved each other deeply, and it was evident.

Even as grandparents, they could make you jealous by how expressive they were of their love.

They looked so perfect until one day, the wife shared how her husband was the exact opposite of that until God changed him, and she forgave him.

Their marriage started to blossom after they decided to build again.

Wow! Forgiveness is a skill every couple needs in marriage.

To be successful in marriage, you must be teachable and possess an incredibly short-term memory when it comes to your partner’s wrongs.

9. You shun third-party interference

signs your marriage will last

A marriage is a union between two people who love each other.

The emphasis is on TWO!

Regarding marriage, “two is a party, and three is a crowd,” for real.

In the words of Warren Barfield’s song “Love is not a Fight.”

Love is not a place to come and go as we please; it’s a house we enter in then commit to never leave.
So lock the door behind you and throw away the key.
Work it out together; let it bring us to our knees.

Marriage takes commitment to build, but allowing external influence can wreck it all.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get professional counseling if needed, but letting your family, friends, social media, and whatnot into your marriage can destroy it.

If you and your partner have zero tolerance for third-party interference, it is a sign that your marriage will last.

10. You are faithful to each other

Faithfulness is an excellent quality to possess in relationships and goes hand in hand with trust.

It is easier to trust a faithful partner.

Trust doesn’t just happen; it is a product of having a track record for doing right by your partner, regardless of the situation.

If you and your partner are faithful to each other, it is a great sign for your marriage.

A marriage built on trust and faithfulness is bound to be successful.

Final Words

Every relationship is exciting in the beginning.

However, making the relationship work takes time, effort, and commitment.

Do the above signs exist in your relationship?

If yes, you have an excellent marriage that will last and stand the test of time.

Don’t stop investing in your relationship.

If the answer is no, don’t fret.

You can still develop such in your relationship through effective communication, trust, and love.

Let the points above guide you.

Remember, what you do today will determine what happens tomorrow, so why not start building your tomorrow today?


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