I’m starting to believe that my mate is somewhere getting his teeth kicked in at this very moment and when he makes his way over, I’ll be long gone. Do you ever feel this way? So I recently posted a blog titled Assumption Makes an Ass, where I sent a text to all my male … Continue reading Self-Friendzoning

Naked Truth

Photo by Nappy There’s something about when a man is vulnerable, it scares him a little and makes him run. This atleast is how I feel because maybe it’s something different for them. Maybe feeling a little ‘unclothed’ doesn’t sit well due to the unfamiliarity. The guys that I have encountered lately have always responded … Continue reading Naked Truth

Broken Shell with Good Wood

If a man is lost and doesn’t know who he is…if he is unable to even pinpoint what it is in life that he wants, how can we trust that he can plant seeds of growth into his child and it nourish beautifully? We all know what happens when you assume right? ASSUMPTION makes an … Continue reading Broken Shell with Good Wood

#Dating in #Atlanta: “Hey Big Head”

Me trying to #date in #Atlanta I use to be so skeptical when it came to talking about my dating life because sometimes I just never know what the hell is going on but I’ve learned that being transparent, you have to just let go. One thing that I dislike when it comes to dating … Continue reading #Dating in #Atlanta: “Hey Big Head”

Atlanta Women’s Expo 2019

When you think of Atlanta, what comes to mind? Money. A lot of people are under the perception that Atlanta is full of money left and right; you know what? They’re right. After attending the “Atlanta Women’s Expo,” on November 9, 2019 I too was convinced. This was the perfect opportunity for any woman with … Continue reading Atlanta Women’s Expo 2019

Before you Cheat…STOP HERE!

MEN and WOMEN cheat. There, I said it. Who's to blame for this act? YOU ARE TO BLAME. Far too many times we fail to pay attention to all of the signs and it is not until things have crumbled far beyond repair in both party's eyes, that we then want to blame the other … Continue reading Before you Cheat…STOP HERE!

ASSUMPTION makes an Ass

How many times do we beat ourselves up for not approaching someone of interest? Have you ever wrote someone off because you thought you were out of their league? I know fellas seem to think that all ladies want a body trainer, 6'5ft, making six figures, about four exotic cars that i can't even spell … Continue reading ASSUMPTION makes an Ass

Not Always a Hidden Agenda

Dear Luv, Why when a guy or girl send you a “gm/gn” text, we automatically assume they either want something? Or if someone calls you out of the blue, they must be bored? Whatever happened to just saying good morning or goodnight? Why must there be an underlying intent behind it?  I think we need … Continue reading Not Always a Hidden Agenda

Dear Luv, Introducing Mr. Kassanova and his love life..

I’I’ve heard this a lot from some of my married couples. Things change in the romance field once they say “I do,” but why? Mr. Kassanova opens up about his exact experiences in our latest episode titled “Dear Luv, Introducing Mr. Kassanova and his love life.” 💋Simplee Bree